Firm Turns Scrap Metal in to Real-Life Dogs

Pathfinder Dogs, the Lanarkshire-based charity that trains German Shepherds as guides for blind people has raised over £2,300 through a unique fundraising scheme.

Pathfinder Dogs has recently become affiliated with Giveacar, a social enterprise which allows motorists to donate their end-of-life cars and give the proceeds to charity.

The money raised from the car’s scrap metal is then donated to a charity of the car owner’s choice. If a vehicle is not yet ready to be scrapped it can be sent to a salvage auction, where the car can often raise even more for the chosen charity.

Since becoming affiliated with the fundraising scheme in March the charity has raised over £2,300 through the donation of 35 cars. By donating scrap cars to Pathfinder Dogs through Giveacar, motorists will help train more German Shepherds as guides.

Pathfinder Dogs finished training their first two dogs this year and hopes to train many more to meet the demand for German Shepherd guides.

Eddie O’Donnell, director of Pathfinder Dogs said "Giveacar is a fantastic opportunity to become involved with an environmentally friendly project that delivers essential funds to charities throughout the UK. For us, each scrap car donated would feed a puppy for 6 weeks whereas a healthy car donated could do much, much more. I have seen this project work brilliantly in the USA and our 'hats off' to Tom for making it work here too."

Giveacar, a social enterprise, has received over 2000 cars and donated over £175,000 to charities across the UK since it was founded in January 2010.

On average each car raises around £100 for charity though some raise many times more than this. Although based in London, Giveacar is capable of picking up cars nationwide thanks to its extensive recycling network.

To donate a car today, call 020 0011 1664 or visit

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