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Finally It’s Here – the Most LOL Dangerous Dogs ‘Report’ EVER!

Well, no need to skirt around the edges any more tabloid contributors. You’ve had your chance with your ‘devil dog’ articles, attribution of the wrong breed images to depict dogs described in news reports of dog attacks, no need to go even so far as to accuse a dog of killing its owner only to discover the gentleman died of natural causes. No, your battle for the crown of most laugh out loud hyperbole on the subject of ‘dangerous’ dogs is over. You’ve been beaten.
Step forward the Hendon & Finchley, Barnet & Potters Bar, Edgeware and Mill Hill Times, which today reports:
“Dawn raid on ’status symbol’ dogs”
Let us examine what is laid before us.
We open today’s weekly serving of a status dog story with the following:
The number of dangerous dogs in the borough is on the rise as owners flaunt aggressive breeds as “status symbols”, police have warned.
They believe a [...]

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