Right i’m just thinking ahead – When i get this pup obviously i’m going to be feeding her when i feed oscar (apart from when she’s on 4 meals a day) anyway that not what i’m asking about.

Oscar doesn’t really food guard – when he has a roast dinner if the cat comes near he has barked at her a couple of times but hasn’t done it in ages –

he doesn’t touch the cat food cos we thouught the easiest option would to feed the cat on the window sill so he can’t get at her food.

My question is – How do you get two dogs to eat at the same time without stealing or food guarding?

eg, oscar is happily eating his dinner – pup comes along to have a look, Oscar food guards?

OR pup is eating but not as fast as oscar, oscar finishes his and goes over to eat pups as well.


Do i feed in seperate rooms/opposite ends of the room or what?

i just want to know so i know what i’m doing when she comes

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