Family’s Horror as Pet Dog Who Wanted to Play is Shot in Front of 12-Year Old

The Fitzhenry family, from Harris County, say their beloved boxer dog, Gunner, was shot by an off-duty Houston police officer on Friday along a pathway.

Houston Police Department Officer Mark Condon claims the four-year-old dog charged at him and his wife, after it escaped from the Fitzhenry’s garden by accident.

But according to 12-year-old Dalton Fitzhenry, who family say treated the dog like a brother, the pet had only wanted to play.

The Fitzhenrys said Gunner was one of the family and losing the animal was like ‘losing an older brother’ for their children. They now plan to lodge a formal complaint with HPD.

Dalton, 12, said the officer had shot the dog at point blank range. The animal died on the way to a vet.

He added: ‘He just pulled it out, like, point-blank range and shot.

‘Gunner didn’t have the chance to run.’

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