Facebook Goldrush

If you have a Facebook account you can now get a personalised address.

What this means is you can have your Facebook page at a more easily remembered address

i.e facebook.com/k9magazine

or facebook.com/dogsblog

they became available at midnight yesterday so although there has been a big goldrush of people picking up premium names – if you do have an account you might want to see what you can get

for those not in business – your own personal name might be all you want

but for those with a company or brand to promote – don’t miss out.

I was lucky when I got in to online business – I picked up some amazing domain names – some of which I never even used but was able to flip for very good money (and some of which are worth 6 figures just on their own)

so Facebook allowing this personalisation is a big deal – don’t miss out on getting a cool name. I can honestly see people ‘flipping’ Facebook accounts for cash if they get really strong names, such will be the marketing potential of some accounts.

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