Excessive Shedding in Dogs

This advice article discusses an issue that is important to many dog owners: how to stop a dog shedding.

The article states:

In all likelihood, stopping a dog from shedding its fur as the seasons change is probably best tackled from a management point of view rather than from the assumption that shedding can be completely stopped, particularly in long haired dog breeds.

Stop a dog shedding – low shedding dog breedHowever, a shedding dog really can cause untold extra work around the home so let’s examine some of the tips to reduce the volume of fur shed as well as some management tips on dealing with shed fur on furniture, clothes etc.

Excessive dog shedding can be a real, genuine problem for many dog owners. It's interesting to read in the article that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed and that management of excessive dog shedding is probably the most sensible approach rather than expecting a total cure for the problem.

Considering it's been known for people to actually rehome a dog due to this problem, it's a valuable article and well worth a read (or a share if you know someone who has a problem with excessive shedding from their dog).

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