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(ex) Rottweiler Breeders: You Suck! You REALLY SUCK!

The Kennel Club has today released its annual registration figures.
Volumes are fairly static - 271,719 puppies registered in 2008 (at £15 per pup, that’s £4,075,785 in revenue - nice work if you can get it!)
The figure that stood out to me and is mentioned in the Kennel Club’s own release:

Some traditionally docked breeds have seen their numbers fall quite significantly since the introduction of the docking ban in 2006. Just two years ago, Rottweilers were the 11th most popular breed by registration but they have now fallen to 20th in 2008. Just 2,631 puppies were registered last year, representing a drop of 60% from their 2006 level of 6,575 dogs. Similarly, Dobermanns have also seen a decrease of almost 45% in their numbers over the past two years.

So the Rottweiler has not only fallen out of the top 11 ‘most popular’ breeds, it’s out and out nosedived all the way [...]

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