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Ever wondered how far you have walked?

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Whenever I take my dog for a walk I'm always wondering if I've walked 'x' amount of miles, he must have RUN 'y' miles. I'm pretty sure he does around 3 times the work I do. So I'm thinking, if I walk 2 miles, he's probably run 6 miles in the same time.

As we know, us dog owners are generally fitter, healthier and, as has been proven, we live longer. This is mainly due to the fact that we have a physical, four-legged motivator to get us out and about in all weathers.

So how about we actually start tracking how far we've walked?

Nowadays this is a lot easier and, in many cases, free by way of walk tracking apps that can be added to our mobile phones.

My favourite walk tracking app has to be the MapMyFitness application which offers a fantastic free version that works on iPhone or Android devices.

Take a look here:

Alternative Walk Tracking Options

Try this site

It is based on google maps (I think). You basically plot your route and it works out how far you have walked. No membership necessary unless you want enhanced features. Unfortunately footpaths aren't marked on but from the photographic aerial view you can usually work out just about where you have been.

You can also save your favourite routes into the system for future use. However, unless you pay for private route mapping other people will be able to see them too, so don't do it from your home address.

It even works out how many calories you have burned off, so when you get home you can stuff your face with the equivalent amount of chocolate!

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  1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I just wanted to let you know that if you create an account (it’s free) you can create routes and mark them as private.
    We also have an iPhone app that will track your dog walk right from your pocket! You can learn more at .

    Thanks again for the recommendation!

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