Educational Booklet Launches to Help Children Better Understand Pets

A new educational booklet aimed at children aged between 5-14 years old is now available to more children and parents than ever before as it launches online.

Free to download, the project which is run by dog lovers Allie Brophy and Joan Whaley began as a way to help better help children understand the needs of pets in schools, from understanding empathy, responsibility, safety and awareness around dogs and other animals.

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Allie says:  “I love animals and children and thought that the project could help benefit them both. I work with children and have on some occasions volunteered too with rescue dogs at Mspca. After hearing of a serious incident involving children attacking a dog with a rock a couple of years ago, I decided to do something to help children build positive relationships with dogs and other animals to help them understand that animals have feelings too, and to help prepare them for when they have their own pets.”

She continued, “I had my first dog, Laddie, when I was three years old and have a really close bond with dogs especially. I feel, however, that some animals are very sadly misunderstood, which is why alongside Joan we have been running this voluntary project for the last couple of years.”

To get your free copy visit here and download today.

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