Dutch Kennel Club in Rottweiler Breeding Experiment

Rottweilers, a breed of dog with an undeserved reputation for aggression have been subject to a breeding experiment overseen by the Dutch Kennel Club.
The breed was the focal point of a breeding scheme designed to measure the effects of genetics on temperament.

The Kennel Club of the Netherlands set up a system to try and ensure dogs with poor temperaments could not be bred from in a scheme which has caused some controversy.
Joanne van der Borg ofWageningen University carried out the scheme: “The dogs born into this programme are much better behaved. There is a strong genetic element to aggression and it is possible that this is being bred out.”
The scheme was introduced 7 years ago following a high profile death caused by a Rottweiler in the Netherlands.
Unlike the UK, the Netherlands has recently overturned its breed specific legislation – which makes certain dogs ‘illegal’ but is widely recognised as a […]

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