DogsBlog/rescue picks

I’m supremely bored and feeling quite poorly so I decided to start another "My pick of the rescue dogs" thread. Feel free to add yours!

The assumption is that you’ve won the lottery or something and so money and space isn’t a problem. Who would you take home?

Mine would be:

Taz – 9 year old boxer/mastiff cross

Blue – 8 year old doberman

Candy – 4 year old rottweiler

Mo – 6 year old mastiff

Max – 7 year old GSD

All good with other dogs, all older and hopefully calmer, all soppy and loving. My kinda dogs! I’ve been keeping an eye on Blue and Candy for a while, hoping they go soon to good homes. I absolutely cannot have another dog until Chloe is better trained and older, or I’d be trying to persuade OH. On the plus side, OH has said (out of the blue the other day) that we can foster again at some point. Yay!

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