Dogs: What Are They For?

I sometimes get accused of sensationalism and ‘going over the top’ in some of the blog posts I make here.
See, for example, the recent ‘Is the Kennel Club an Underground Cult?’ post I made. I got a few emails about that one.
‘You’re not helping’, they’d say. ‘What does that achieve?’, read another. ‘You should write more responsibly’, claimed one more.

Well I’ve had a think about it and have decided, it being a new year and all, that I need to either take heed the words of these worriers or else I could end up with more abusive emails from angry people accusing me of ‘going over the top’.
So here, Jan 2nd 2009, my new year message to ‘Concerned of Milton Keynes’.
-clears throat-
Shut up!
My right to write is the same as yours. In this day in age with blogs and forums available to anyone with access to a computer capable of […]

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