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Dogs ‘victims’ of credit crunch

UK Dog News

The number of dogs being abandoned in Yorkshire has risen since the credit crunch, an animal charity claims.

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  1. Shoba, I feel for all of you. I reemebmr your article when Inji first came home. It was tentative then. The whole thing about a new family member, loving it, but still settling into the newness of falling in love with melting eyes attached to a helicopter tail.This is a more definitive article- it’s about loss, and the gritty pain of slowly letting go. I understand why you’ve waited this long to write this. I’m sad you had to. It’s honest and sad and loving. I love the frantic energy of your husband in trying to save her, as I do the gentle ceremony of the Ganga jal your mother followed.I am sad shes gone, so so sad, but happy for the hole she’s left in your lives because there will always be a softness for every Inji you see.Somewhere in Kengeri lies the remains of a buttery ball of love that took a family to greater love and then left them, but let them stay there.You will always be at a greater place of love because of Inji, Shoba, but I hurt for your remembrance and loss. God rest her lovely soul, this Inji child.

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