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Dogs tied up

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Oh dear- I don’t think I was meant to go to the library this week! On Tuesday afternoon we set off there and got waylaid by the out of control Staffy that took 10 minutes to catch with the apologetic owner. We thought we would have another go on Wednesday but I went to a different Library and as we had a mini heat-wave then I tied the dogs up to the dog-ring outside the library rather than putting them in the car. Well, I was only just in there 2 minutes and there was a noisy commotion out there and when I rushed out to see what was going on there was a young lad (20ish?) with a Staffy on a lead and he was letting it stand next to Parker and sniff him! Poor Cherry was climbing the wall and Parker was having a wuff. I calmly asked the man to move away with his dog as it wasn’t really fair when my dogs were tied up and couldn’t move away, should they want to.

I guess I will have to stop our usual weekly walks to the library now though as we walk there every Tuesday but I can’t trust what other people will do even though they are only left a few minutes. If my dog had bitten his I think he may have sued me! (I don’t think they would bite but Cherry head-butts when she gets afraid and then things can escalate).

You would think people would have more sense then to let their dog interfere with other dogs when they are tied up. I know I wouldn’t let Parker go up to other dogs when they are tied up even though he is friendly but other peple don’t always think I guess.

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