is taking over from

Just in case anyone wonders why there will be a lot more ‘features’ as well as news coming on to the forum from the feed, it’s because we’re merging everything to do with K9 Magazine under the site.

If you’d like the full explanation, you can read it here

K9 Magazine Finds a New Home | Ryan O’Meara

(yeah, so I have my own personal site like that’s not the very definition of self-indulgent narcissism, whatever!! It’s because I’m worth it)

So I thought I would just update as – when we start transferring the content over from it will get syndicated here. There may be LOTS.

Oh and not all of it will be free. We are in a new, digital age.

K9 Magazine subscribers will be able to access the premium content as part of their existing subscriptions.

Shortly will get its own forum for the discussion of topical dog news issues and the features published on the site.

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