Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Turns His Attention to Puppy Farmers

Dog Whisperer: Inside Puppy Mills is a new episode of the hit TV show that exposes inhumane conditions at these factory-like breeding operations, as Cesar Millan joins an undercover mission with the animal welfare organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA). With hidden cameras, LCA operatives spot-check several Los Angeles County kennels — essentially dog-breeding facilities that may be exceeding legal capacity limits.

After negotiating with the owners of one of these kennels, the team, including Cesar, is able to rescue 11 dogs considered worthless by breeders — a small start in their hope to save as many dogs as possible from these conditions.

The team members then learn from Cesar as he teaches them how to rehabilitate the traumatised dogs from the moment they are taken out of their cages.

“We are from two different points of rescuing,” Cesar says of LCA.

“They do the physical rescue, I do the psychological rescue. So together it’s a team, it’s a good pack.” Entertainer Sharon Osbourne even adopts one of the rescued pups!

* Video “Rescue Training” – A puppy mill rescue organization gets tips from Cesar on how to start rehabilitation as soon as possible:

* Video “Breeder Inspection” – Cesar goes undercover at a legal puppy mill where dogs are kept in tiny kennels in the desert:

* Video “Puppy Mills” – Cesar’s work with Last Chance for Animals results in a happy ending for a puppy with Sharon Osborne:

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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Turns His Attention to Puppy Farmers

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