Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Attempted Suicide

The world knew Cesar Millan as the ‘Dog Whisperer’ – the man who understood everything about the canine mind. But when it came to humans, he had a lot to learn.

In May 2010, Millan hit bottom. “It was a spiral,” he says. “All the willpower I had, the desire to motivate myself, my kids, all I had achieved – none of that, nothing, mattered.”

One day, at his wife’s house, he swallowed a bottle of her Xanax and some other pills and got into bed, hoping to end his life. “I thought, If I do a combination, I can die quicker. So I just took all the pills I could find, poof”

This is a story that escaped us at the time but makes for interesting reading about the personality of one of the most famous (and controversial) dog trainers of modern times.

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