Dog Trainer Who Broke Puppy’s Leg in Training Class is Jailed

A pair of dog trainers who had claimed their firm provided dog training services for a host of celebrities, including Bruce Forsyth, have been banned from owning dogs after it emerged they had falsified their association with the high profile stars and allowed a dog in their care to be ‘seriously injured for financial gain’.

Grant Chanin was prohibited for looking after animals for 10 years along with his partner, Laura Kahane who received a 12-month ban.

They both admitted responsibility for breaking the leg of a German Shepherd puppy called Kim during one of their training classes in Farnborough.

RSPCA, prosecuting, said “Chanin pushed Kim to the floor and spread her entire body weight across her whole body during the class in June 2009.”

Chanin also admitted six additional animal cruelty charges.

Incredibly, defence lawyer Granville Rooley cited how there was “an awful lot of people who are extremely pleased with the service they received and the training that their dogs got.”

Philip Gillibrand, District judge, said Chanin’s actions were ‘disgraceful and totally’ inappropriate behaviour, including choking one dog ‘to the last breath’.

Chanin was sentenced to just 8 weeks in prison. Kahane was given a 12-month community order for her role in the abuse and must also complete 80 hours of community service.

The pair also told the judge that they would take down their their Evolution Dog Services Ltd website within a week.

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