Dog thefts in the south east

Crossposted, please feel free to pass on.

please read this and pass the info on.
We have received very worrying news today that there appears to be a dog stealing gang working in the South of England and 5 Ridgebacks have recently been stolen from Sussex.
3 bitches were stolen from a farm in Bolney at around 4.30 in the afternoon, a male Ridgeback is missing from Lewes, and the Dog Warden in Sussex says that another was stolen from Burgess Hill.
Can you all please circulate this information and, those in the Sussex area, can you please advise all the locals vets, rescue centres etc. in the hope that these dogs can be found and returned to their rightful homes as soon as possible.
If you have any information regarding these missing dogs then please contact us.
Many thanks and keep all your dogs safe

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