Dog snarls on bed

The thread about dogs on the bed inspired me to ask advice/opinions on a friend’s dog.

She has a little jack russell x yorkie bitch. 5 years old. A lovely little dog that I’ve known from a pup. Slightly timid with some dogs but other than that perfectly friendly and sociable.

She has always slept on her bed and continued to do so after she got married. Then she got pregnant. Whilst she was pregnant her dog sometimes growled at her husband when he came to get into bed. They told her off when she did this but nothing other than that.

The baby came along and she is very good with the baby (now 2 year old).

Her growling on the bed has escalated recently and if they move their feet when in bed she growls or snarls. They then tell her to get off and she refuses and snarls if they make a move towards her to attempt to move her physically.

They were advised by their vet nurse to keep her off the bed. They did this for a while and my friend reported that her dog seemed constantly tense and they were not happy not allowing her on the bed so they eventually allowed her back on and the behaviour has begun again. Oh their family also recommended poking her in the neck and making a ssssh noise which made her snarl even more ferociously(suprise suprise).

Their concern is that she may one day snap at their two year old.

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