Dog Shot 40 Times, Buried Alive & Lives (Warning: Upsetting)

In what is being described as one of the most horrific acts of animal cruelty ever witnesses, the residents of Malta are calling on their government to implement tougher animal welfare laws after the discovery of a dog, buried alive up to her nose having been shot 40 times in the head.

Star, as she has been named, incredibly survived this horrendous ordeal and animal welfare teams are now investigating who carried out the cruelty.

She was found after investigators heard whimpering coming from beneath a wooden board with a tree stump placed on top to weigh it down.

The animal welfare investigators were faced with the harrowing site of poor Star, still alive, having been shot and buried alive.

When rescuers removed her from the ground they discovered all her limbs had been tied together and she had suffered 40 shots to the head by a pellet gun.

Incredibly, Star survived the ordeal and the outrage in Malta has lead to calls for animal welfare laws to be toughened up as the purpetrator of this crime, if caught, would only face a maximum of 12-months in prison.

Animal lovers are holding a silent protest in Valetta next week to express their disgust.

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