Dog Reveals its Inner Dummy

A four-month-old mischievous puppy has had a ‘ruff’ time of it after he wolfed down a baby’s dummy, which could have proved fatal. Happily, thanks to PDSA vets, he has gone on to make a full recovery and is now back on all four paws. Spaniel cross puppy, Chewy Chewy, certainly lived up to his name when he was rushed into Brighton PDSA PetAid hospital by frantic owner Janet Ashton. It all started when Janet noticed a missing dummy and immediately directed her suspicions towards a very excitable Chewy Chewy.

Janet said: “As soon as I realised the dummy was missing, I thought Chewy Chewy had had his paws on it. He is always picking up and gnawing on various things, but he seemed completely fine so I thought the dummy must have been misplaced.”

Gradually however, Chewy Chewy became subdued and lethargic: “He wasn’t eating and seemed to hate being around anybody, preferring to hide away in a corner,” said Janet.

“It became apparent he was in pain anytime someone stroked his tummy, and it was then I realised what must have happened so I rushed him straight to PDSA.”

Vets at Brighton PDSA got straight to work and confirmed that Chewy Chewy had swallowed the missing dummy – as they could feel it lodged in his intestine! He was x-rayed to locate the exact positioning of the dummy and to check for any other problems.

Senior Vet Jonathan Gravestock said: “Once we x-rayed Chewy Chewy, the main concern was that the dummy had travelled as far down as the intestine – which could have proved fatal as the intestines were blocked causing life-threatening problems. We therefore had to operate as soon as possible.

“This proved incredibly intricate as Chewy Chewy is so young and his internal organs are still not yet fully developed. We had to open up his intestines to remove the object and stitch them back together with great care.”

Chewy Chewy was kept in by PDSA for a further two days, to monitor his progress. He was fed tiny portions of food and water to ensure the stitches did not come apart. Thankfully he made a remarkable recovery and two days later, was allowed home.

Janet said: “I cannot thank PDSA enough for saving Chewy Chewy. The vets and nurses were fantastic. He is a much-loved pet and I don’t know what we would do without him.”

“We now make sure we do not leave anything lying around that he can get his paws on.”

Senior Vet, Jonathan, adds: “Accidents like Chewy Chewy’s can easily happen. Young dogs are exceptionally inquisitive and like to explore new objects with their mouths. We urge all pet owners to identify and eliminate any potential dangers in their homes.”

PDSA has produced a leaflet called Pet Safety Indoors which gives owners advice and tips on how to keep their pets safe. The leaflet is part of a series on Responsible Pet Care, which covers a variety of pet care topics. The leaflets are available from PDSA PetAid hospitals and PDSA charity shops nationwide or can be downloaded from the PDSA website,

Brighton PDSA PetAid hospital provides free veterinary treatment for the pets of owners who are unable to afford veterinary fees. For further information about PDSA PetAid services call 0800 731 2502 or log onto

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Dog Reveals its Inner Dummy

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