Over Half of Dog Owners Admit to Treating Pet Like a Child

Our pets form a big part of our day, they can shape our daily routine and even when and where we holiday. They’re part of the family and so it’s perhaps no surprise that in new research out today over half (52%) of dog owners have admitted to speaking to their dog like it was a child.

The findings released by pet insurer, Direct Line, also revealed that over 4 in 10 pet owners admit to their dogs sleeping on their beds, while a third admitted to dancing with their dogs (why not, four legs are surely better than two!).

The research also revealed that almost two in 10 dog owners will only go holiday at home in the UK, so they can be with their dog, while 15% admitted they don’t holiday at all, so they don’t have to leave their dog behind.

Prit Powar, head of Pet Insurance at Direct Line said: “Brits really are a nation of dog lovers. The fact that so many of us are choosing holidays which allow us to keep our pets with us is another indicator of the lengths we’re willing to go to keep our dogs happy.”

Where do you fall in the findings? Do you admit to some doggy dancing at home? How do you holiday? Let us know!


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