dog on heat walking consus

Okay settle and argument here with a bit of discussion for me.

Misha has come on heat at the ‘drippy’ stage

I am suggesting we walk her in the evenings on the green when I know the chances of coming across other dogs are minimal and especially not offlead.

OH is having a fit because I suggested that his walk on the beach at midday, (popular with dog walkers on a Saturday and all off lead) was not a good idea.

I am being called paranoid and hes getting himself worked into a huff as he thinks I’m insulting his intelligence and feels he can deal with all things that might arise on said beach.

Okay……..bottom line here how many of you would walk your female drippy dog during the middle of the day with dogs left right and centre off lead…..and how many would do the evening walk…

and as some of you own male dogs how would you feel if you encountered said OH and his female dog on the beach?

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  1. Warren February 14, 2009