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Dog News March Round Up

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Britain's Pet Lovers Call In Sick Over Pet Worry

We've all heard the saying 'man's best friend', it's in the dictionary in fact. Dogs are as much a part of our family nowadays than they've ever been. The pets of yesteryear provided certain functions as companions, such as sourcing food, whereas today, we just ask they're there for us as a companion to comfort us, keep us secure, bring a smile to our faces and simply just be. So how do we react when we think they may be falling ill?

Job security and the comfort that comes from having a 9-5 may be an issue we're all too aware of these days but a recent survey carried out by Direct Line Pet Insurance and K9 Magazine discovered that over 81% of Britain's dog owners would risk this by calling in sick if they were worried their pet was falling ill however only 6% would tell their boss the real reason for their absence. A huge 94% of those surveyed felt more comfortable saying they were unwell themselves.

The same pet lovers compared this to themselves where only 69% said they would call in sick if they themselves were feeling under the weather.

Adam Whiteley, Head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: “Most people consider their pet to be part of the family, so it’s no surprise that they would take a day off work to care for Fido or Fluffy, just as they would for a child. It’s a well-known fact that pets improve the quality of life for their owners, and employees who know their pet is happy and healthy won’t spend time worrying while they are at work."


Are New Generation Mobile Phones The Guide Dogs of the Digital World?

For most of us, our daily routine just falls in to place. We get up, have breakfast, organise the children for school, travel to work, or generally go about our duties. With increasingly busy lives, we barely take time to notice the world around us, let alone think about all the gadgets and labour saving devices that aid us in all our daily tasks, like our washing machine, TV remote control, power drill, and of course mobile phone.

But what if you were suddenly faced with a life- changing disability, how would you be able to adapt to all the devices and appliances at your disposal? Guide Dogs has led the way in embracing these advances in technology and has recently launched a free and fully accessible mobile phone app called ‘go walkies.‘

The app is available on iPhone and Android devices and is aimed at anyone who has a dog, as well as people who just generally like to go walking. It shows new routes for walking and activates the smartphone’s built-in GPS functionality to allow users to log and share their favourite walks.

It also provides weekly care-tips for your pooch. For serious dog-lovers there is a doggie picture gallery where users will be able to view cute dog pictures as well as make their own dog famous by uploading images.


TV Vet Launches New Community Website

As local communities and charities start to plan their summer fêtes and “fun” dog shows, TV Vet, Joe Inglis has set up a new website,, to help organisers run their own event using a simple, free online tool kit.

Talking of the launch Joe said: “Over the years I have been involved in many dog shows and I recognise that they require a lot of logistical support. My new website provides handy tips on how to plan a show and also allows organisers to generate personalised entry tags, posters, show programmes, judging sheets and winners' certificates.”

And, thanks to Joe's own company, Vet's Kitchen, every “Run a Fun Dog Show” winners' certificate includes a voucher for their natural pet food range which will be accepted at all Vet's Kitchen stockists, nationwide.

He added: “Fun Dog Shows are excellent social events for everyone, including the family’s pet dogs who can benefit from interacting with other dogs and their owners. They can also help build community spirit and are a great way of raising funds for local causes.”


Irish Setter Saved By Cardigan Lifeboat Volunteers

Luck was on the side of Irish Setter, Cochyn on 10th April after being rescued by Cardigan RNLI volunteers. The teams were out on training in their lifeboats when the coastguard received a 999 call from a member of the public reporting that a dog had fallen down the cliffs at Mwnt.

Cochyn escaped with little more than cuts and bruising and was happily reunited with his owner on Mwnt beach while being told that was his swimming experience over!


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