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Dog Lost on Motorway Reunited with Owner

UK Dog News

Lucky Lottie from Ynyslas near Aberystwyth is happier than a dog with two tails to be reunited with her family after she escaped her owner's lead when stopped for a break travelling on the M4.

Lottie, a 2 ½ year old Collie cross, had stopped off with her owner Aidan Hassan for the night at a hotel at Heston service station on the M4, after a trip to London.

Mr Hassan said: “We were just taking a quick walk before going to the room for the night, when there was an enormous fireworks explosion. It was incredibly loud and it spooked and shocked Lottie so much that she managed to pull the lead out of my hand and raced off across the car park into a hedge. She was heading directly for the motorway. We called for her and looked around the area all night but couldn’t find her. The next morning, just as I was thinking the worst and just as I was about to call our children to let them know that she had gone, I got a phone call from Highways England to say they had found her on the motorway hard shoulder.”

Dog lost on M4 reunited with owner

He continues: “When I lost Lottie I suddenly knew what feeling wretched was really like. When I saw her being brought back again it’s hard to describe how relieved I felt. I am absolutely grateful to Bob and Lindy and Highways England for getting Lottie back to us.”

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