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Dog Left Tied to Pallet of Bricks Hopes for Bright Future

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Springer Spaniel discovered in Maidstone, Kent tied to a pallet of bricks by a blue piece of nylon without food, water and shelter has been rescued.

Tina Nash, an RSPCA inspector rescued the black and white Spaniel and rushed her to RSPCA Leybourne animal centre in Kent, where it was discovered that she was around five to seven years old and suffering from a number of health issues, including cataracts in both eyes that have left her almost totally blind, as well as ear infections.

Three weeks later, Delphine is in a stable condition and is receiving lots of TLC and veterinary attention at RSPCA Leybourne.

“When she first came into our care she was very nervous, very quiet. It's a very daunting experience for any dog but especially a blind dog,” said animal care assistant Simon McArdle, who has been working with Delphine since she came into RSPCA care.

“The first couple of days we had her we had to carry her around, but we've been building her confidence slowly, giving her lots of gentle strokes and talking to her constantly so she becomes familiar with our voices. It's all about taking it at her pace. She's doing better and better each day,” he added.

Delphine is on the mend she’s really started to come out of her shell and is a very sweet and affectionate dog, who really loves people.

The animal charity have paid for extensive veterinary care for Delphine and have arranged for her to see a specialist veterinary eye surgeon, in the hope that her sight can be restored. Understandably she's not yet ready to be rehomed with an ongoing investigation and treatment ahead to fully bring her back to health.

“The thought of her having her sight back, it would help fully bring her personality out. It would be amazing to see where she has come from to where she could potentially be,” said Simon.

The RSPCA rescued nearly 9,000 dogs in need of help last year, according to new figures launched to mark the start of the 20th RSPCA Week (31 May - 7 June 2015).

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