Dog Impaled on 4ft Spike Survives

A dog is recovering after luckily escaping death after he impaled his leg on a 4ft spike. The fortunate Spaniel missed a main artery by just millimetres.

Lucky Benson (3)  knocked over a bird feeder in his owner’s garden, he jumped and came down directly through the spike which pierced his thigh and came out the other side.His worried owners dashed him to the vets but were sensible enough not to try and remove the spike – which could have caused the hapless dog to bleed to death.

Vet Richard Weston removed the spike and was relieved to see it had just avoided impact with the major femoral artery without breaking it.

Mr Weston said: “He was very lucky.”

Benson is now happily recovering at home.

His relieved owner said: “It was so scary — he could easily have died in my arms. When he made it through the operation we were so relieved.”

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Dog Impaled on 4ft Spike Survives

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