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Is Your Dog The Brightest Canine in Britain?

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Humans quite often have a distorted view of how intelligent a dog might be, dogs do of course have a certain amount of intelligence, but many people have an anthropomorphic approach to their pets by expecting a dog to behave and respond as though it is human, this is something that just cannot happen. Whilst a dog may have an amazing instinctive ability far superior to humans, such as detecting illnesses in humans and can smell and hear things which we could never be able to, they are never going to be able to stick a stamp on an envelope or make a cup of tea, simple everyday things that humans do.

A competition which is open to all dog owners, pets or working, has now been devised to find ‘Britain’s Brightest Dog’ with dogs taking part in eight exercises to test their intelligence.

The organisers will be presenting the winner with a cash prize of £250, a specially commissioned £1,000 silver trophy along with a framed photograph by a top canine photographer, as well as a framed diploma and of course the very prestigious title of BRITAIN’S BRIGHTEST DOG. These are the mouth-watering rewards for the dog that comes up trumps in this unique competition. If you win , who knows ‘fame’ could soon be knocking on your dog’s door.

The organisers are not looking for another ‘Lassie’ but for a dog that is bright and enthusiastic and can successfully complete the eight exercises required of them.

Each exercise lasts no more than 30 seconds.

None of the exercises require the dog to be well trained but they must have a stay and recall ability and a good temperament.

Judges that have been lined up for this competition are Canine Behaviourists and Vets and Instructors and if you think you could Judge a dogs intelligence and would like to be included in the judging panel, send an email with your details to the address below.

All of the exercises have been set by well known canine expert Roy Dyer, Chief Instructor at The Essex Dog Training Centre and Display team and are well within the capabilities of a bright dog.

Details of the exercises are not given to the dog handler until the day .

Some of the exercises will include locating some hidden food, negotiating a small maze, finding an entrance.

Dog owners can even demonstrate a exercise of your own, providing it shows a level of intelligence but no dancing dog or obedience exercises will be permitted.

It will not necessarily be the best trained dog that walks off with the title but a bright dog that shows it can work things out could win.

Britain’s Brightest Dog Competition is to be held at the Essex Dog Training Centre in Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9NN, on Sunday September 22nd starting at 10am.

Entries will be restricted to 50 dogs.

Spectators at this unique event will be restricted to 300.

For spectator and press passes please apply to the address below by email or phone stating public or press.

If you require a Competition entry form for your dog please send a large stamped addressed envelope along with the entry fee of £8 pounds to:






Entries sent by e. mail will not be accepted.

The closing date for the competition is Monday 2nd of SEPTEMBER (unless the 50 entries are received beforehand).

Entries received after this date will be refused.

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