Dog Breeding – New Call for Evidence in Kennel Club / Dogs Trust Funded Study

Dog Breeding – a Call for Evidence

Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, Chairman of the Independent Inquiry into dog breeding, has invited any and all interested parties to submit evidence to the Inquiry.

He said,

“Our aim is to develop practical recommendations that will significantly benefit both pedigree and non-pedigree dogs. It is vital therefore that we receive evidence from a very wide field. Many people in animal welfare charities, dog breeding and show societies, veterinary and government organisations and in academia have a wealth and breadth of knowledge and expertise on this issue.”

“I would urge everyone with an interest to visit the Inquiry website and let us have their response as soon as possible.”

Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive, Dogs Trust and Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary added: “In the last few months there has been much debate and many suggested ideas about how best to secure the future health of all dogs. Now is the time for people to commit these thoughts to paper and to support Professor Bateson’s Inquiry by submitting evidence. This is essential to ensure that resulting recommendations reflect the widest breadth of expertise available to the panel.”

Farming and Environment Minister Jane Kennedy said:

“This is an issue of great concern to many people. I think everyone wants to ensure that breeding is carried out safely and responsibly and I look forward to seeing the practical recommendations from Sir Patrick’s inquiry.”


1. The terms of reference for the Inquiry and guidance on how to submit evidence can be found on the Inquiry Website The secretary to the Inquiry can be contacted at or at The Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding, PO Box 682, CAMBRIDGE, CB1 0LY. The deadline for responses is 15 May 2009.

2. Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, FRS, is emeritus Professor of Ethology (the biological study of behaviour) at the University of Cambridge and is President of the Zoological Society of London. His main research interests are the behavioural development of animals and he has written and lectured extensively on animal behaviour and animal welfare. He conducted a research project for the National Trust on the behavioural and physiological effects of hunting deer with hounds; on the strength of his report stag-hunting was banned on National Trust property.

3. The Inquiry has been initiated and funded jointly by the Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club but operates independently of both organisations.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Dog Breeding – New Call for Evidence in Kennel Club / Dogs Trust Funded Study

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