Dog Breeding Discussions Held

Representatives from the Blue Cross, Companion Animal Welfare Council, Defra, Dogs Trust, Kennel Club, PDSA, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (observers), RSPCA and the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare attended a meeting hosted by the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF) last week to discuss practical solutions to the problems associated with breeding in dogs.

The meeting was called with the aim of establishing how and where stakeholders could collaborate in developing a series of approaches designed to have an immediate improvement in the welfare of dogs. The chairman, BVA President Nicky Paull, stressed that the meeting “was not intended to usurp or predict the outcome of the two independent reviews” but to “identify initiatives that could be set in motion while the reviews were conducting their enquiries”.

A number of good collaborative projects were discussed and Mrs Paull expressed her pleasure at the “willingness shown by all present to work together to develop initiatives for the benefit of dogs, whether pedigree or not. “

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Dog Breeding Discussions Held

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