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Dog Borstal is Back! Hit BBC Dog Training Show Returns For New Series

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Dog Borstal, the BBC television show that helps troubled owners of misbehaving dogs achieve canine harmony is back for a 12 part series where three of Britain?s toughest dog trainers attempt to reform some of our worst canine criminals and their owners…
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  1. hi i have got my dream dog – a cute pomernian, he is everything to me but boy does he want to fight with everything!! he thinks he can take the world on! i desperatley need help!! he is 16 months old and is quite fearless help!!!!!

  2. My 18 month-old Lurcher bitch is the sweetest most gentle dog you could wish for and shares the house (and her bed on occasions) with 4 cats. Indoors, she’s obedient and no problem, apart from a liking of gloves & shoes if they’re left lying around. Outdoors, she walks well on the lead. Off the lead, she runs at top speed as these dogs do. She’s very sociable and has lots of doggie friends. The nightmare is trying to get her back. She doesn’t run away a great distance as such, but will not come close enough to get her back on the lead. She goes into a totally hyper state and sometimes I’m stranded in the park/river bank for over an hour, which is very stressful if you’re trying to get to work or meet some other deadline. It’s got to the stage that I’m scared to let her off the lead, which is such a shame as she so much likes to run. I’ve exhausted everything I can think of. She’s not interested in food outdoors, so tit-bits are no reward. Please come up with any suggestions!

  3. Hi,
    I have an Irish Water Spaniel,10 months old. he is very very excitable, grooming is enough to send him running around at 100 miles an hour with a mad look in his eyes. taking him for a walk results in a very happy excited dog so much so we struggle to get the lead on, once out he pulls but understands comands for heal he justs forgets so you spend the whole walk telling him to heal every 5 seconds. to let him off the lead sends him into such a fit of excitment he loses the ability to hear so all the treats toys and encoraging shouting, running around waving balls on ropes, sticks and balls in the world is to no avail. my handsome happy dog turns into an adrenalin junkie and dives into every puddle, stagnent smelly pond, and lake full of ducks and swans (who definightly do not want to play, but my dog still try’s anyway)in fact everything is just so exciting to him we end up exhausted and dread having to do anything with him, he even has to stay in a different room because he just cant settle down in the same room as us,everybody watching find it better than a tv sitcom. i love dog borstal and have put into practice some training advise such as mic’s heal which does work he does it but doesn’t realise he is supposed to stay there until given a release command. we would be very grateful for any advise.


  5. Help I have 3 behion’s aged 8.5 6 & 4, the 4 year old I have taken on because so far he has had 4 homes.
    He is a lovely dog but can be very dominant when he wants,he tends to pick on the other 2 and will push them around if I’m not watching,when I get the lead out he goes mental and its a stuggle to get it on he then keeps launching himself at the door until we go out.
    once out he keeps pulling and will have ago at any other dog he can (except my friends dog which is also a Bichion)
    Since having him I keep finding wet patches indoors by the back door and also one of them keeps cocking there leg up my new bed having the 3 makes it hard to find out which one.
    I had him castrated as soon as I got him so thought this might help.
    I think I need mick the trainer to sort them out for me.

  6. Help I have 3 Bichion’s aged 8.5 6 & 4, the 4 year old I have taken on because so far he has had 4 homes.
    He is a lovely dog but can be very dominant when he wants,he tends to pick on the other 2 and will push them around if I’m not watching,when I get the lead out he goes mental and its a stuggle to get it on he then keeps launching himself at the door until we go out.
    once out he keeps pulling and will have ago at any other dog he can (except my friends dog which is also a Bichion)
    Since having him I keep finding wet patches indoors by the back door and also one of them keeps cocking there leg up my new bed having the 3 makes it hard to find out which one.
    I had him castrated as soon as I got him so thought this might help.
    I think I need mick the trainer to sort them out for me.

  7. i have a 8 year old staffy she is very friendly with people but not with other dogs i would like to take her to dog borstal

  8. We have a 4 year old rescued german shephard called Jessica. A dog of two minds. At home she behaves like a Labrador on Vallium, but out and about she loves small dogs but attacks bigger dogs. She acts like a shadow to my wife at home and ignores me. My wife is semi disabled with lower back problems and finds it difficult to control our dog out and about. We need help PLEASE

  9. Hello Sharon (comment no. 54?) with the Irish Water Spaniel. Make the most of him – they are the most exciteable dogs in the world and need a strong direction in life. I just lost my Irish Water Spaniel bitch (age just 9) and I will miss her for ever. She was the most intelligent, funny (always playing jokes on me), happy and loyal dog I have ever come across- she would have followed me to the ends of the earth. You need to get a strong bond with your dog and once you’ve got that he’ll do anything for you. I doubt that Mick would understand an Irish Water Spaniel – they are a law unto themselves. I hope you get there and have as much fun as I had with my Rosie.

  10. I have a 16 month old german shephard bitch, she is very defiant, pulls on lead, aggresive towards other dogs, jumps up on people all the time, pee’s with excitement. I need help desperately as I cannot control her, if I don’t get help I will have to re-home her, it will break my heart as she is such a caracter and so loving and too friendly with people and children. Please, please help me.

  11. Hi there, wondering if dog bostal can help, our family have a seven year old staffordshire bull terrior called Elle. She is such a beautiful dog, she is not very interested in other dog , she can be walked off the lead and is very well behaved around of people and children. The problem that we have is that she cannot be left on her own as she wrecks our house. In the past she has done hundred of pounds of damage in the house, if she knows that any of us are going out she will follow us around the house.We have had people round to assess her but nothing works.She is a very nerous staffie and very spoilt.So now that we are unable to leave her other family members are her babysitter.This is not fair!!!!!!! please help.

  12. I do despair when I read of the plight of some dogs.

    Some owners need to start finding good, reputable dog classes in their area, or reputable behaviourists, not wait for going on television!

    How some refer to their dogs too is annoying – dogs are dogs, not ignorant, etc, no more than we are!!!!!

    Get some good books, go to a good class, get a good behaviourist, do something but don’t blame the dog and don’t rely on a quick fix tv programme.

    Also beware what you are asked to do, as the DDA says that a dog has to only scare someone for the owner to be potentially liable.

  13. Wow. Thanks for all the horror stories! The’ve made me realise that I should appreciate my recently aquired rescue cross for her loving and good natured ways. I must be grateful for the best about her which is she is an angel at home and forget the worst which is that she is a monster when out. However, I shall be glad when the expert I have appointed has finally licked her into shape (hopefully before my ‘J’ licks the expert to death) and we can both enjoy the walks which made me obtain a dog in the first place.

  14. hello, my name is nicola and i was wondering about how to go about getting our dog (archie) onto dog borstal?
    Archie is a 3yr old jack russel who is too over protective! he had a bad start in his puppy life, as my mums ex-partner was extremely aggressive
    towards our family, this is what set Archie in his ways. Its so frustrating as he can be so loving at times and understands every command apart
    from STOP! He just does not see what he is doing wrong, as he thinks he is right to protect us and himself from a friendly post man or strangers to him, who just
    wanted to give him a pet and a fuss. Archie will snap if we;
    * Try to wake someone up
    * if we stroke him whilst he’s sleeping
    *if were playing with him, he gets out of hand
    *if we move when sat next to him in a deep sleep
    *if a stranger, young or old try’s to stroke him
    * alot of the time we dont know when to expect it,he is just really aggressive towards human beings.
    Archie has actualy hung off my nose at one point when he was a bit younger, just because i wanted a taste of my mums food,
    i lent over to get some and he clung to my nose. We want Archie back loving and the friendly,like Archie
    used to be, we’re just all really worried incase one day he’ll get put down, when really he is so innocent.Its really frustrating and worrying he acts like this as we live on a farm with a public fot path, we always get walkers waltsing through the yard who run away from him, this makes him worse.Some of the walkers have booted him, which upsets us as we know its not his fault.please help him?! we’re just really scared of loosing him.

  15. HI!!! My name is Sully & i,m a year old Welsh border collie, My owner seems not to know how to train me propely. She is only 12 years old and i,m her best freind in the world, but i just don,t understand wat she wants me to do. i like to chase cars,cats & shadows. I bark at anything that moves and i pull on the lead so much so that she can only take me out if she has her mum with her now as i’m to strong. please HELP her i want to be good but i think it her that needs training and then maybe i can be her best friend and we can do loads of nice things together. she does try hard to do the right thing by me like play with me for hours in the garden when there is no body to go out with us. help me to help her please.

  16. hi me and my partner have got a staff and was wanting help to stop her biting i no she is only 10 weeks old but i want stop the problem before it gets out of hand as ive heard staffs need to be trained well in order to have a safe dog. any traning tips welcome as she dont listen when we tell her no.

  17. hi i have a sharpei she is called molly she has an agression and nervous problam i have had her since a pup 7 weeks old she is really house trained untill someone knocks on the door then i have to lock her outside so people can come in she is ok till they try and talk to her no one will take her then she snaps and other dogs she wants to chew them up unless they are big she is so friendly till people try and come near her i dont understand but she goes mad at the door then when they aree in she is fine ignores them unless they talk to her unpredictable. please help my dog i want to keep her forever i will try anything and everything no one will help me.thank you xx

  18. hi i was looking for a little help with my 2yr old akita he is a great dog and great nature my only problem with him is when i let him off the lead the problem getting him back i do agility with him but have to do it on the lead and i would love to do it off as it is great to show people that not only collies can do it but all types please help as i am wooried he will get run over and killed PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  19. help needed my weimeraner is sometimes obedient but will never come back to me once she is let off her leash she runs off when you try to put her on it to start with and almost laughs at me when trying to get her to come back she pulls constantly until we get to the local walking fields and barks constantly im desperate for help with her as she jumps up constantly at any visitors coming to see me would appreciate a spell at dog borstall to calm her down or she will have to go

  20. I have two black labradores one is called Campbell and other Misty they are angels on there own but when they are together they are a living nightmare they go crazy and nock over evry thing. Also Campbell is starting to attack smaller dogs and I dont know what to do I make up excuses so I dont have to take him for walks because he attacks. Then there is Misty who is one year younger and pulls like crazy but when people see the dogs they wish that there dogs were as good but if they saw them in action they would deffently change there minds. Please help they are driving evry body crazy.

  21. Hi, after watching a great programme, I would dearly like to be considered for bod school. I have recently spent a samll fotune having my 9 month old jaCK RUSSELL trained and whilst we have had some results in the home, outside is a different story, with agression to all people and other dogs. We eventually want to work the dog and bread from her but are very concerned by her current attitiude. Any help would be gratefully recieved.

  22. I have a 10 month old staffy cross, and she is driving me to despair, she is so hyper and jumps all over anyone who walks in the in, even when we get up in the morning, but she doesnt just jump she actually pounds at you, its scary for visitors especially children, even going for a walk is a nightmare, she pulls and always darts across the road, its so annoying, my 1 arm is starting to get longer than the other,i have to keep her on a tight lead all the time as she just wants to jump on everyone we pass, i hsve tried puppy classes and will persevere with them, but im getting to the end of my tether im wondering what i have taken on as the last owner couln’t cope. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  23. Hi Tracey and Peter, we too have a two year old rescued GSD who was in very poor condition when we got him being underweight etc. He too is brilliant at home with adults and kids alike but turns into a monster when he is out especially when he sees other dogs!!!!! We too would love some good advice as to how to make his walkies better quality time for him to enjoy rather than him spend the whole time out being told off for his very bad behaviour. Did anyone ever get back to you with the perfect solution?
    Nade & Chris

  24. I have adopted a jack russell called demon, he was my daughter in laws and for the last 2 years has never been left alone, she is having a baby soon and is in a 1 bed flat and has to part with him (reluctantly) or lose the flat, he is the most loveable dog ever, good with other dogs and people, he loves my grandchildren, I have to start work again soon and cannot leave him for 2 minutes without him screaming, he sounds like a gaggle of geese and my neighbours have been so good but I dont think its fair for Demon to be left crying all day. I dont want to give him up but I may have to if this continues for his sake.
    Can anyone make a suggestion or let me know how to get on dog borstal PLEASE!!

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