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Dog Aggression "rehab"

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Now I have finally managed to "crack" youtube uploads……

Thought you might be interested in this clip of some of CaDeLac dogs rehabbing one of the worst cases of dog to dog "aggression" we have ever encountered. Chester would go balistic and if allowed, "attack" any passing dog, when he came in.

There is some stunning body language stuff going on here.

Watch carefully and you will see, small changes in Chesters body language (the Jack Russell in question) and he is allowed back into the group….


"Outrageous" behaviour (barking on lead when there is no need) is dealt with by top bitch Cloud. And set up by us, for Cloud to deal with, as barking on lead was Chesters real problem…… Other stuff is dealt with by second in command "Daisy" White boxer. Whilst Daisy is coping, interestingly, Cloud takes no notice whatsoever of Chester! isn’t it fascinating!

At the end of the walk – the film is progressive – as the walk goes on……. Chester is allowed freedom to frolic with all the dogs. His change in attitude, leads to all the dogs accepting him. This was a 3 hour walk! In the rain!…/0/QVGxzZPFnBE

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