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Dog’s teeth glued together after biting fast food menu

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Dog owner, Kimberley Fisher has trained her Scottish Terrier, Cymeline, to fetch any post that hits the doormat and kindly bring it to her.
It is reported that clever Cymeline’s jaw was glued together for more than half an hour from the high gloss finish that was on a fast food menu.
Ms Fisher told the Telegraph “I’ve taught him to bring it to me without damaging it and then I give him a treat. He could not set down the Roosters menu when he dropped the rest of the post. He bought me this menu but it had stuck his jaws together”.
She described that the high-gloss, paper menu had turned to paste and was stuck between his teeth. This started to distress the dog, as he pawed his mouth trying to free it but within seconds the menu had glued his mouth closed.
The Telegraph reports that the fast food menu offered [...]

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