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Disney blockbuster transforms rescue Chihuahua into Hollywood superstar

The latest Disney film - Beverley Hills Chihuahua, has been an instant hit at the American box office and is due for the same popularity over here in the UK.

It follows a high society Chihuahua - Chloe, who gets lost on the streets of Mexico and has to turn to other dogs for survival.
The Mail Online reports how Angel, the dog who plays Chloe was a rescue dog who was abandoned by her owners and was due to be put to sleep. A Disney dog trainer, Mike Alexander, came to her rescue and cast her as the leading role. He also rescued a Chihuahua cross who plays Papi. Both dogs now live with Mike.
The film has a cast of over 200 dogs, whilst some are used to Hollywood productions, some of the other dogs were found in rescue centres in LA and Mexico.
The Mail reports that over 60 dog trainers [...]

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