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Did Premier League Star Make Hefty Donation to Manchester Dogs Home?

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Following the tragic blaze that claimed the lives of over 60 dogs at Manchester Dogs Home, the public rallied round by raising over £1m in donations.

Now speculation has arisen that one particularly generous contribution may have come from Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli, who it is believed may have given money to a cause that is very close to his heart.

The MEN reports:

The millionaire ex-City striker is thought to have given a five-figure sum to the home following the fire.

Staff at the dogs home suspect the dog-loving Italian is behind the generous handout - and have revealed how the Premier League star previously volunteered for their charity during his time at Manchester City.

The Italian striker offered his free time walking abandoned dogs for the Harpurhey home while his pet pooch was in quarantine in Italy ahead of a move to Manchester.

Balotelli’s love for dogs is well-known among the football elite – he once even requested his pet dog join him during the Manchester City FA Cup parade in 2011.

City officials were reportedly shocked at the frontman’s unusual request, but it was nevertheless granted and Balotelli celebrated the club’s first major trophy in 35 years with his trusted companion.

The young Italian is devoted to black Labrador Lucky and regularly posts pictures of him on his Twitter feed. Lucky has even created a following of his own, with a fan Twitter page boasting more than 1,500 followers.

But the footballer had to wait six months to bring his pet over from Italy following his £24m move to Manchester City because of quarantine restrictions in the UK.

Jane Smith, a spokeswoman for the dogs’ home, said: “Mario owns a dog but it was in quarantine in Italy so he used to come and walk all the dogs at the dogs’ home.

“We can’t yet confirm whether he made a donation but he is known as a big dog lover so it would make sense.”

A representative of the £60,000-a-week star was unable to confirm whether the star had made the donation.

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