Did a Dog Change the Course of The Entire World?

I love facts. I’m a trivia bore.
I also have an obsession – bordering on the unhealthy – with great leaders of ancient history.
The greatest of them all, it could be argued, was Alexander.
Alexander was my age (32) when he died. He had achieved a little more than me by then though. If you’re being petty about it, he’d achieved a great deal more than me – if you consider conquering the majority of the known world an achievement. I suppose we should consider it an achievement, especially as Alexander’s conquests laid the foundations for modern civilisation and brought together the continents of Europe and Asia.

Alexander The Great

It says a deal about Alexander to learn that the revered Roman leader Julius Caesar – at the age of 32 – is said to have fallen to his knees and wept at a statue of Alexander bemoaning his own lack of achievements in […]

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