Dewclaw quetion

My dog still has his dewclaws, we got him aged 18 months. They have never caused him a problem. The other day he greeted me when I got home him by jumping up and accidently scratched my arm with his claws – in his overenthusiasm. This prompted a debate about dewclaws and my husband mentioned that his last dog already had her dewclaws removed when he got her as a puppy and maybe we should get Henry’s removed. He
said that Henry might catch them on something when we were out and rip them and maybe it was better to go to the vet and get them taken out. I am not so sure and think that sounds like a lot of trouble for something that has not caused him any trouble yet and he would have an anaesthetic and be sore at least for a few days afterwards but would the benefit of this outweigh the temporary pain?
Do dogs have accidents with their dewclaws, if so is it common and what is the best thing for us to do for the benefit of Henry?

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