Depraved Wife Faces Jail After Having Sex With Dog

A 40-year old woman is facing jail time after she admitted having sex with her pet dog, a German Shepherd.

Patricia Newman is said to have ‘trained’ the dog how to have sex with her, a court heard.

She was arrested after police accessed a video of Newman engaged in the act of bestiality.

She, along with her husband Timothy Newman, were also up on charges of a series of child pornography offences and he also faces a jail term.

They appeared in court after police discovered the depraved images at their Essex home. More than 15 charges were brought in relation to the child pornography allegations. Patricia Newman denied all 15 offences but did admit to having had sex with the dog.

Prosecutor, Andrew Jackson, said in court that it was ‘clear’ from video evidence that Mrs Newman had ‘trained’ the dog to have sex with her.

The case was adjourned for sentencing in March.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Depraved Wife Faces Jail After Having Sex With Dog

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