crystals for dogs and humans

Crystals for healing or just for decoration available now for dogs. Each crystal will be in a cage and have a split ring so you can attach to the collar. Choose from the list below or alternatively pm me for a specific issue with you or your hound and I can try to find an appropiate crystal.

amazonite – for the throat and nervous stress. Helps the thyroid, osteoporosis and calcium deficiencies, tooth decay and benefits bone diseases

amethyst – helps against stress and nightmares, good for headaches, eyes, scalp and hair. Aids blood sugar balance, works well with addictions

(aventurine (green) – good for grief and anxiety, nervousness, balances energies, fights viruses and good stone for general health)not in stock but available with a small wait

dyed agate pictured
agate – protective stone, balances courage protection, healing and calming. Its a grounding stone increasing energy but not at all times enabling bursts of energy as needed

Bloodstone – treats the blood disorders and balances iron deficiencies. Good for anaemia, blood circluation. Helps recover from grief and emotional trauma.not in stock but available with a small wait

Black banded Agate – inner peace, bladder infections, incontinence and prostate problems

Blue banded agate – same as above

carnelian – combats depression and increases physical energy. Excellent for asthma and high blood pressure

chrysoprase – promotes trust and banishes jealousy. Banishes nightmares, benefits allergies, skin disorders, epilepsy and rheumatism.not in stock but available with a small wait

Citrine – promotes joy and optimism, good for digestion, bladder infection, asthma and diabetes

Dumortierite – throat, thyroid, overstimulation, hyperactivity, spleen, endocrine system and blood. Reduces emotional tension, acceptance of reality, lifts depression to replace with inner peace and happinessnot in stock but available with a small wait

fluorite – aids anxiety and insomnia, benefits cancer patients, teeth and bones.not in stock but available with a small wait

Garnet – brings out the best qualities, increases vitality and stamina, good for relationships. Helps alleviate circulatory problems, heart, blood, lungs anaemia , kidneys, high and low blood pressure, exhaustion and gall stones.

Heamatite – blood disorders, leg cramps, nervous disorders, insomnia and proper healing of bones, breaks and fracturesnot in stock but available with a small wait

Howlite – skin irritants and irritations, sea sickness and nauseanot in stock but available with a small wait

Jasper (ocean) – increases the expression of love in words and actions, focuses the positive aspects of life, brings relaxation and cooperation to the home and/or workplace

Jasper (red) – assists in protection and rescue from danger. I can stabliize to use all the energy in a balanced manner. Helps control own passions. Can be used to help treat disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach.

lapis lazuli – creativity, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, autism, shyness, nervous system, MS, speech. hearing, lymph inflammation, pain (esp head).not in stock but available with a small wait

Moonstone – helps to soothe and balance the emotions. Helps ease childbirth, aids fertility and regulates the menstrual cycle.not in stock but available with a small wait

picture to followobsidian – for sufferes of pain or circulation problems. helps warm cold hands and feet. Helps with obsessions and self control, protects from negative energy

Petrified wood – soothes fears and anxieties, benefits hip and back problemsnot in stock but available with a small wait

Quartz (clear) – can amplify the exsisting stones. very good for clensing, powerful healing stone

Quartz (rose) – generates kind and gentle thoughts, sooths frazzles nerves and emotions. is great for encouraging a good nights sleep and helps combat headaches.

Quartz (rutilated) – assists tissue regenration, the assimilation of nutrients and slow the advancement of ageing. helps diminish fears, depression and aids decision makingnot in stock but available with a small wait

Quartz (smokey) – protects against negative energy. Controls nightmares, panic attacks and anxiety

Rhodonite – decreases anxiety, aids emphyseama or asthma, inflammation of the joints. Good for stress, heartache, loss. Benificial upon the growth of bones an the hearing system

Sodalite – eliminates fear and guilt, good for insomniacs. Boosts the immune system and combats radiation

Tigers eye – helps heal broken bones, bruises and relieves pain. Helps with night vision and eye disorders, and aids digestion. Great for the easily distracted personality, good for ADHD and geriatric conditions creating harmony and stabilitynot in stock but available with a small wait

*NB some pictures are from wikapedia, others are to follow as I gain more of the crystals

I also have these crystals
brazillain agate
as yet unidentified but working on it, think it might be moss agate

All crystals are £4.50 each and this includes the split ring, cage and postage. If you require more than one crystal for each dog I can put smaller ones into one cage for the same price.

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