What’s that all about?


I am fascinated why we are built to do certain things, like dreaming/nightmares, being ticklish.

Why are we built to cry and why does it change when you get older.

When you’re little and you fall and hurt yourself, you burst in to tears.

When you’re an adult, you feel embarrassed but rarely cry.

The pain seems to have little bearing on the outcome.

So why do you cry when you do it as a kid but not as an adult?

Why do some people cry more than others?

My brother cried pretty much every day of his life until he was about 4. My mum and dad originally thought there was something wrong with me because of how infrequently I cried.

As an adult, from the age of about 18 on – I think I’ve maybe cried no more than 5 times. That is if you exclude that video of Christian the Lion – which makes me cry 100% of the time – again, WHY???? Why does it? It’s not sad. It’s happy.

So, crying. Why? What’s the point? And why do some people bawl at the drop of a hat? Is it good for you? Is it bad for you? For what evolutionary/survival purpose are we physiologically equipped to spout fluid from our eye sockets when we feel very happy or very sad? I can’t understand why we are given this function. How does it help us survive and thrive?

I would like to know.

Thank you.

YouTube – tony angelino’s only fools and horses

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