Crufts on Pay Per View TV?

Let us fast forward in to the year 2011. Let us imagine a utopia that includes…
No congestion charging.

Our ecomony has rebounded big on the discovery that we no longer rely on foreign oil to power our factories, cars and homes as we use a fuel derived from pure Guinness. Wolverhampton Wanderers have been crowned Premier League champions.  No congestion charging. Barack Obama’s decision to adopt a shelter dog has a knock on effect that leaves dog shelters bereft of dogs as the demand for rescues explodes. No congestion charging. Pedigree dog health is given its biggest ever boost thanks to some tough love from the BBC, RSPCA and others with welfare on their mind – the UK’s biggest dog show is ready to make a return to our screens.
But something’s different.
The BBC have been hurt. They have feelings too, you see. All those people who have pumped their virtual fist […]

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