Couple Left Dog Without Water For a Week as They Went on Holiday

A couple who allowed their dog to go without water for a whole week have been given a three year ban from keeping animals.

Karen Carberry, aged 28, and John Greenwood, aged 37, went to Turkey and left their dog, Dexter, alone in their home for the entire time.

Magistrates in Warrington were told that RSPCA inspectors were called following reports of the dog’s abandonment.

Dexter was covered in urine and his fur was tangled and matted.

He was left with just an old jumper for bedding and a few dog biscuits had been left for him to eat.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes, said: “This dog was clearly very distressed and I was appalled by the conditions he was living in.

“There were weeks and weeks of faeces, a completely inadequate shelter and no water.

“The fur had become so matted that I could hardly make out Dexter’s eyes or even what sex he was.

“When offered water he drank and drank and was clearly very thirsty.

“The RSPCA takes a zero tolerance approach to animal cruelty.

“Anybody found neglecting or cruelly ill treating an animal can expect to be brought before magistrates and prosecuted.

“It’s really important that people think clearly before taking on a pet as it is a huge responsibility with many animals having complex needs beyond a bowl of food and water.

“People must realise that it is a criminal offence not to meet that pet’s needs.”

Our View
A three year ban on keeping animals is all this couple received. Is it any wonder at all that Britain has such a growing problem with animal abuse of the worst kind when paltry, disgusting sentences such as this are handed down. Can anyone seriously claim to not understand their responsibilities to the animals in their care so as to allow something as horrendous as this to happen? The UK needs to get tough on animal cruelty otherwise our own laws are all but condoning the acts of these cruel and thoughtless people.

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