countdown to D ( delivery) day

Thought it might be interesting to share the last few days leading up to the birth of Bijou’s pups

Today is day 60 and I’ve moved into the spare room with her where the whelping box is set up – she spent the night mooching about and breathing heavily in my ear – was sick twice . Her temperature is 37.7 ( was 38. 5 ) and needs to drop to 36.7 ish before the birth is imminent.

She the size and shape of a small black barrage balloon and looks very sorry for herself but is eating well and still insists on heaving herself around the paddock with the other dogs. Her stomach has dropped and her milk has come in so she leaves little damp patches when she lies down – pups are still active – I just LOVE to feel those little nudges when I stroke her tum.

more news tomorrow


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