Council Refuses to Answer ‘Repetitive’ Questions on Puppy Farming

Anti puppy farm campaigners have been left frustrated by Carmarthenshire council – who have come under fire for not cracking down hard enough on alledged puppy farms operating in the area – and have been informed that their questions will no longer be answered as they have become ‘too repetitive’.

Puppy Love, the group who have organised anti puppy farming demonstrations and have been bringing awareness on all issues puppy farm related, have been rebuffed in getting acceptable answers from council bosses and have now posted a video on their website bringing attention to the issue.

Please watch it.

Please speak out about puppy farming. Please do whatever you can to try and inform would-be puppy buyers about how to avoid purchasing from wholesale commercial dog suppliers.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Council Refuses to Answer ‘Repetitive’ Questions on Puppy Farming

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