Considering castration

Polo, my border collie is now 13 months old.

I have written a few threads about a couple of issues I have with him and so do not want to make the wrong move or castrate at the wrong time.

Other than him lacking in confidence and related ‘aggressive’ behaviour, his other issue is marking.

If I put an object into a room that is not usually there he often cocks his leg against it. eg I left the linen basket in the conservatory and he cocked his leg against it. He also has to be watched like a hawk if he comes into a room that he is not in regularly as he starts sniffing and checking everything out and is likely to cock his leg.

Would castrating him be likely to have an effect on his marking? I also have heard that castrating a young male that is not terribly confident can make them less confident. What about his age? Would it be better to wait a few more months, as mentally he has always seemed slightly immature for his age (puppy-like)?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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