We often moan about people who are not dog friendly or understanding ect and I hear daily complaints about barking dogs or how people dont pick up ect and it sometimes gets me down a bit after all I do my best, but I cant be responsable for other people

Thats why I’m so pleased with my nieghbours, I got home from work this afternoon put the dogs leads on and headed out the door.
My son was sitting in their front garden having a beer, the lady of the house said to my son ‘I take my hat off to your mum she is always out and about with the dogs rain or shine she brushes and fusses and plays with them and picks up after them. I wish a few more round here were like her’

I wish there were a few more like my nieghbour who knew how to hand out compliments as well as complaints.

Its really nice to know that efforts to be a good dog owner are not un-noticed.

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