Comedian Called Hound Rehomes a Hound

Comedian Rufus Hound’s canine-inspired name was certainly fitting today, as he rehomed a puppy from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Rufus and his family adopted a nine week old Mongrel called Antonio, who they are renaming Ted. He was brought into Battersea with his brother Charlie, after the pair were seen being dumped from the back of a lorry in London.

Rufus visited the Home with his wife Beth a few weeks ago and asked the Battersea rehoming team to look out for the perfect dog for their family. They then received a call about Ted, and came to meet him on Sunday with their two year old son Alby. After dog-proofing their house that evening, including setting up a new bed for Ted with a doggy hot-water bottle, they returned on Monday to collect him.

Rufus said when he decided to get a dog he received lots of recommendations to visit Battersea. He explained: “I can’t count the number of people who said we should come to Battersea, and I knew it wasn’t a case of just popping by to pick up a quick dog – we wanted to do it properly. So we spoke to the rehoming team and said we don’t mind the breed of dog, we just wanted the right dog for our family. It wasn’t about designer muttery!”

When Rufus and his family got the call about Ted they came straight down to Battersea to meet him. “He got on with Alby straight away,” Rufus said. “They were racing around the room and Alby was on the floor laughing his head off. We’re really looking forward to walking him in all the local London parks, and we even have a special doggy park nearby.”

As well as enjoying the local parks, Ted may get to enjoy a taste of life in the spotlight, as Rufus is considering taking him to work with him. “When Ted is older, and if he’s up for it, then I’ll hopefully take him to work with me. Who knows, perhaps he’d like a bed in the corner of the stage when I’m doing standup!”

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