Co-operative Insurance & Team up to Help Rescue Dogs

UK’s largest dog adoption site announces plans for Summer 2013 National Dog Adoption Month, taking place this August.

The initiative run by aims to debunk the myths surrounding dogs in rescues and highlight national and regional research, studies and special stories of dogs looking for new homes across the UK.

The campaign is also encouraging existing dog owners to find their dog’s twin, whether by matching looks or personality, with a dog currently looking for a new home to share their ‘doggy twin’ story spreading the word on social media outlets.


Speaking about the campaign, co-founder Ryan O’Meara said:

“We launched in 2007, the site helps people to locate dogs in rescues and find out more about them with a view to them moving onto meeting them. National Dog Adoption Month is our Summer campaign and alongside Co-operative Insurance we’re hoping to help encourage people to consider adopting a dog if you’re thinking about bringing a dog into your home.”

A former professional dog trainer, Ryan continues, “Dogs in rescues aren’t all damaged, yes some may have had a tougher start than others, but with a rescue dog even if the dog’s background isn’t know, the rescue will have behaviourally assessed and worked to assess each dog to match their perfect home up, so a lot will be known about the dog from the very start of your journey to ensure they are placed in the best home possible.”

Celebrity dog lovers, including actresses Adele Silva, Nicole Barber-Lane and Gemma Merna, are supporters of the campaign which will run throughout August.

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