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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With The LivingBig Adventure Club

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The Company of Animals has always prided itself on the charitable work that it gets involved in. Over the years, staff have taken part in marathons, bike rides and giving out gift baskets at Christmas. Next year, however, our intrepid MD Steve Driver is taking it to another level altogether and is going to climb Kilimanjaro.

The trip is being organised by the LivingBig Adventure Club and will start on the 20th January with all 24 volunteers assembling in Tanzania. Training has already started and we will be keeping everyone updated with Steve’s progress via our website, Facebook and JustGiving pages.

Always ambitious and never one to do anything by halves, Steve is raising money not just for one good cause – but for three! His chosen charities are:


Limbcare are a new charity offering hope, advice and support to the limb impaired and those affected around them. They are in the process of raising funds in the hope that they can develop a contact centre to offer help and support. They also hope the centre will increase the charity's awareness with companies and trusts who can offer further assistance. They are currently collecting resources to help the limb impaired keep fit and will soon be meeting with a local voluntary services agency to broaden their horizons with NHS Trusts and enhance ways in which they can bring much needed information to those searching for it.

As a charity Limbcare has a vast amount of experience with the added bonus that most of the Limbcare team are amputees; in fact the chairman and founder Ray Edwards is a quad amputee of 23 years.

Steve met the founders, Ray and Barry, one night in his home town. After hearing their inspiring stories and all about their great work in helping people who had lost limbs, he wanted to get involved. He attended the Gala dinner in 2011 and has supported the charity ever since, both personally and through the Company of Animals. Steve is now a patron for Limbcare.

Dogs for the Disabled

Pet owners are often reported as saying that their dog brings far more than just an excuse for a walk in the park. Many people find that their dog brings huge emotional and physical benefits, improving their fitness, relieving stress and helping as a social icebreaker.

The evidence goes beyond just anecdotes, with research finding that dogs really do bring many positive benefits to lives. For people with disabilities that effect can be much greater.

Dogs for the Disabled is a pioneering charity that trains assistance dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities, and families with a child with autism. Through practical tasks the dogs offer freedom and independence, but in addition an assistance dog becomes a reason to go out, giving a new found confidence that opens doors to fresh opportunities including friendships, hobbies, education and even careers.

The partnerships created between people with disabilities and dogs are life-changing.

A charity very close to our heart, we couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to raise some money for this incredibly worthy cause.


FairTunes is a registered charity dedicated to using the power of music to enhance people’s lives in developing nations. They set up training programmes and create recording studios and radio facilities in community centres within deprived areas in developing countries and in the UK.

Their vision is to mobilise local talent and help musicians, artists and other members of the community fulfill their potential. They provide the opportunity for individuals to learn new skillsets and enable impoverished communities to develop artistically.

The ultimate aim of FairTunes is to leave the community with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the facilities and resources they have established, as well as the skills to pass on to others.

Steve has only recently become involved with FairTunes and this is the first fundraising event he’s done for them. So please help to make it a really big success!

We would really appreciate your help so please can you offer some sponsorship – now matter how great or small, every donation would be really welcome. We all need to give our support to help Steve get up this mountain – and back down again!

You can sponsor Steve by clicking on the links below:

For Limbcare click on or text 77070 and the code COAS50 followed by the amount you want to give

For Dogs for the Disabled click on Stephen's Dogs for the Disabled Page or text 77070 the code COAS60 followed by the amount you want to give

For FairTunes click on:

K9 Magazine would like to wish Steve all the best on his journey!

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